Year 6 School Roles

When children reach year 6 they have the opportunity to apply for different roles within the school. Please meet our year 6 children who have successfully applied for these roles this year. 


Head Boy & Head Girl    

Cassian E

Ava-Rose W

For this position, children had to write a letter explaining what would make them a good choice for this role. This role means that the children assisting assembly, help to gather information for the weekly newsletter as well as a host of other helpful tasks!


Class Captains

Reception - Heidi E

Year 1 - Autumn S

Year 2 - Ava F

Year 3 - Dexter M

Year 4 - Ashlyn D

Year 5 - Reya S

Year 6 - Nathan G

These children help with taking their class to and from assembly. They also sit with their class to demonstrate good behaviour and help children who may need some encouragement to go up to the front of the assembly. 


Sports Ambassadors

Bobby S

Bailey B

Scarlett H

Tom B

These children assist Mr Lomas and our other PE visitors with organising PE equipment. They also help to organise sports day. 


Road Safety Officers

Anastasia P

Noah P

These children help to keep all the classes informed about how to stay safe on the roads. They also run competitions throughout the year and choose the winners. 


Online Safety Officers

Ashton W

Layla Mc

These children help to keep classes informed about how to stay safe online. They also help to organise internet safety week.


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