School Council & Mini Vinnies

Meet our School Council

Representing EYFS & KS1

William and Jasmine YR

Abigael and Louis Y1     

Amelia and Kai Y2

school council.jpg

Representing KS2

Luca and Winter Y3

Alex and Isaac Y4

Sam and Halle Y5

Amelia and Harry Y6


The aim of school council is to give the children a chance to voice any opinions and to be active in bringing change that will make our great school even better. 

This term we are discussing the outcomes from the pupil survey. 

There are four main discussion points

  1. Golden time activities
  2. Outdoor equipment and playground design
  3. Fundraising ideas
  4. 5 ways to Wellbeing 


Mini Vinnies Presidents

Mini Vinnies empowers our pupils to become advocates within our school and local community. They meet regularly to learnm about social justice, develop leadership skills and engage with the wider St. Vincent de Paul society.