We are Scientists!

Science Curriculum Intent:

At St Martin's we believe passionately that the fundamental skills and knowledge of the science curriculum are an essential underpinning of development for all children. We strive to ensure that what we offer is an environment in which every child can explore and discover our wonderful world for themselves and become independent learners with a curiosity and love of learning that will last a lifetime.

At the heart of the national curriculum for science is a diverse range of material that ensures all pupils explore science in both breadth and depth. We believe that it is particularly important to encourage a sense of independence and critical thinking within science. We seek to ensure that by being open to new concepts, keen to explore and discover, and questioning of any and all ideas our children will always be pushing themselves to their maximum scientific potential.

St Martin’s children love to learn and learn to love and science is a kay part of that ethos. Our curriculum is constructed to maximise the opportunities for children to learn practically and also through peer to peer group discussion in which we, as facilitators, enable children to see themselves as the most important tool in their own development. By providing a broad range of rich, practical experiences and exciting, challenging debates we prepare our children for a future in which the fundamental skills of scientific enquiry will be core component of all aspects of their lives.


The Science subject lead is Mr Bartlett

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