School Menu

We are excited to announce that from January 2024 our school meals will be provided by Edsential.

Edsential is the first catering company in the world to use only sustainable Palm Oil in their menus, working closely with a wide network of environmental and conservation leaders as part of their journey in empowering young people to lead environmental change. Our pupils will be protecting the rainforests and the people and animals that live there all through their school meals!


Edsential carefully sources every bite to bring young people the most sustainable, seasonal, healthy and super tasty food. We know that the provision of good food improves behaviour, growth and the ability to concentrate – leading to happier, healthier children. Our new school menus offer quality food using quality ingredients:



Our new menus run on a 3-week cycle and support ‘Sugar Swap’ and ‘Meat Free’ days. Also available daily is freshly baked bread, seasonal vegetables, salad, fresh fruit and organic yoghurt. Edsential cater for most cultural and dietary needs, so if your child has an allergy or special diet please get in touch with school.

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