Sacramental Preparation

At St Martin's one of the higlights of the year is the celebration of the sacraments of First Forgiveness and First Holy Communion. We work closely with the parents and families to prepare our Year 3 children so they fully understand the importance of these special occasions.

First Forgiveness

We held our First Forgiveness on Friday 7th May during school time and the children were supported by ther teachers in school. When COVID restrictions are lifted we look forward to being able to invite parents to join us for this Mass.


First Holy Communion

We celebrated our First Holy Communion on Saturday 26th June.  All of the children looked lovely and it was a very reverent and peaceful Mass, even with the social distancing and restrictions in place. 

communion 1.jpgcommunion 2.jpg


Baptism for next year

If your child has not been baptised you will need to contact Father Ravi to arrange this, children must receive the sacrament of baptism before they can receive First Holy Communion. Details for contacting Father Ravi can be found on the Divine Saviour Parish website.