We are Designers!

Design and Technology Curriculum Intent

At St Martin’s Catholic Primary School the children will develop their creative, technical and practical skills. They will build on their knowledge, understanding and skills needed in order to design, make and evaluate both their own ideas, products and the work of others.

St Martin’s design and technology curriculum has been designed as a spiral style curriculum where each of the themes are revisited within each year group.

The curriculum has been planned so that the same theme is taught throughout the school at the same time.

Autumn- Moving Objects

Spring- Product Design

Summer- Food Technology

The design and technology curriculum has been designed to ensure that all of the year groups follow a progression of skills plan for their key stage.

Key Stage1

Lower Key Stage 2

Upper Key Stage 2

The progression of skills plan has been devised to allow the children to explore and develop their own ideas. It encourages evaluation and development of design technology work.

Each key stage progression of skills plan has been designed so that the children experience using a wide range of materials and techniques.


The Design and Technology subject lead is Mrs Forber. 


The work produced is displayed in the classrooms with labels to support the children’s knowledge and understanding. The children share their DT products with the whole school during end of term assemblies and photographs are shown to parents on the school Facebook page. The children take the food produced during Food Technology lessons home to share with their family. A school design and technology portfolio displays a wide variety of design work produced throughout the school. The portfolio demonstrates the progression of skills and the wide variety of work produced during DT lessons. A flipbook and PowerPoint slideshow with photographs of the portfolio are available for viewing on the school website.


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